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Green Management and Certification

  HannStar fully realized the enterprise provides the product possibly will have the enormous influence to the environment, therefore except will pay great attention to the user demand, the functionality in the product design aspect, and outside the additional value, from product design stage, namely by “reduced environment load” the angle will ponder the plan.

  All suppliers all must tally, its stipulation content including the province energy, easy to recycle, low toxic, the material quality indication, the packing material and so on. Various suppliers must provide the qualified product examination report, proved this product conforms to “HannStar product environmental protection specification” the request, and the product acknowledged the premise supplies the GP administrative unit to examine, determines the qualified side after the GP administrative unit to be able to use.


European Union RoHS instruction in accordance  
  Since European Union RoHS instruction announcement, HannStar establishment sole responsibility GP administrative unit, on the one hand collection grasping various countries correlation laws and regulations and related information. Carry on the communication guidance, system regulation original material questioning, the transformation and the confirmation in view of various products line and the key element supplier. After long-term diligently below, all HannStar product all has conformed to the European Union RoHS instruction.


System Certification

  According to contribute to environment protection, HannStar is?more aggressive to?obtain each GP system certification.? HannStar Nanjing ?sites also acquired GPMS in May, 2007.? and also acquired IECQ QC080000 certification related to Hazardous Substances Free Management System in March, 2010.

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