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To ensure all staffs' safety / health and normal functions of all facilities, including all machineries, monitor system and fire-fighting equipments, we actively promote self-check to reveal any potential risk for preventing effectively occupational accident.

Our self-check includes elevators, boilers, forklift, AGV, fixed crane, high/low voltage facilities, pressure containers, high-pressured special gas equipment, special chemical facility, spot gas release facility, and various highly dangerous operational check spots.

2.Safety and Hygiene Education and Training

We have a complete education and training system, we also arrange various trainings of safety and hygiene and environmental protection every year, to promote staff safety and hygiene and environmental protection consciousness to reduce occupational accident. Relevant courses provided include :

‧New staff training : 3-hour basic training for safety and hygiene and environmental protection basic training.
‧General hazard course : To introduce the characteristics of hazardous chemical in company and their correct usage (3 hours).
‧Special operator training : Training for special/general operators, dangerous machinery operators, and managers.
‧Professional staff training : Worked about environment protection affairs staff needs to be trained.
‧Emergency Response training : Training and emergency drill included.

3.Environment Measurement

To provide staffs with a safety and hygiene operating environment, we have being implemented environment measurement every 6 months for organic solvents, specific chemical, dust, CO2, lead, lighting and noise. All results will be posted in bulletin boards. Current results are all normal.

4.Hazard Management

We focus on 4 major points for hazard management :
‧Labels : all chemical and storage must have Chinese labels.
‧Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) : We require all suppliers to provide Chinese MSDS, and place in ERT's cabinet, and post on bulletin board for staff use at anytime.
‧Build chemical category : We update category every year or on any change. We also build in-factory chemical database.
‧Chemical storage/usage safety : Make storage and usage rules. Risk managemnet department inspected in-factory chemical every year and by random.

5.Emergency Response Planning

‧Scheduled the ERT personnel to train regularly for 6 times each year.
‧Scheduled twice a month ERT training.
‧Scheduled drills for fire, chemical and gas leak 12 times every year.
‧Scheduled fire-fighting advanced training twice a year.
‧Unscheduled emergency response drills.
‧Scheduled on-site alarm training and site audit once a year.
‧Scheduled ERT competition once a year.

6.Health Promotion

Health Examination

‧New staff general health examination.
‧New staff special health examination.
‧Yearly health check : We hold staff health checks according to health risk policies. Check items include various relevant examinations and lawfully listed items.

General Health Care

‧We have health center and nursing room with doctor and nurse service on-site.
‧Symptom and injury handling.
‧Medical consultation.
‧On-site doctor service.

Health Management

‧Abnormal physical/health result case follow-ups.
‧Chronic disease case follow-up and management.
‧Work injury case follow-up and management.
‧Medical treatment and consultation case follow-up and management.
‧Managemnet for catering staffs' health status.
‧Staff health status analysis and management.
‧Health consultation mailbox reply and tracing.
‧Infectious disease epidemic situation monitoring and guard matter preparation.
‧Returns health of independent management tracing Taiwan personnel and exceptionally a row tube.

Health Improvement

The health center will hold scheduled and unscheduled activities to promote the staffs' awareness and recognition for health such as :
‧Health activities : blood pressure checksservice, mothers' learning hall, blood-giving activity, pap smear, breast check, working sanitary and health education.
‧Yearly health improvement promotion : physical ability check and reduces weight and abstains the tobacco class.
‧Publication : Internet, restrooms and posters are used for promotion.

Emergency first-aid system establishment and staff training

‧Hold unscheduled emergency technician trainings.
‧Establish an emergency handbook.
‧Connect to emergency medical networks.

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