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JanuaryAssisted Tainan Environmental Protection Bureau in handling toxic chemical disaster response drills
JulyHannstar in Tainan Passed the government customs verification and was awarded the AEO certificate
OctoberUndertook a comprehensive earthquake disaster and high-tech disaster relief response drill in the Tainan Science Park
OctoberAssisted the Tainan Science Park in the joint strain exercise for complex earthquakes
NovemberHannstar in Tainan Improved the ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System update verification and periodic verification of the OHSAS18001 Safety and Health Management System
NovemberHannstar in Tainan Received ISO 14001 &OHSAS 18001 management systems integration with certification
MarchParticipated in 101 Industrial Development Bureau ,Ministry of Economic Affairs "specific industry clean production evaluation system development plan"
JuneProposal for Memorandum of Understanding between the Taiwanese TFT LCD Association and MIT Materials Systems Laboratory,May 2013
OctoberHannstar's Environmental protection and work safety units in Tainan was awarded the excellent work safety personnel by the Tainan Science Park
NovemberAwarded the Joint Defense Organization and Disaster Response Support Contribution Award for Toxic Chemicals in the Tainan Science Park
OctoberObtains the Ministry of Economic Affairs to issue saves "the energy to twist the superior manufacturer" award item. ( Nanke site)
FebruaryEnvironmental and Occupational Medicine Association (R.O.C.),Awards health career self-management blue-chip companies certified evaluation
AprilTainan County Environmental Protection Agency awards environmental control excellent companies on 2009 years
November Industrial Development Bureau awards a voluntary industry reduction of greenhouse gas emissions excellent companies
January Participated Taiwan TFT LCD Association Greenhouse Gases reducing plan
November Hannstar's Fab in Tainan、Kaohsiung obtains Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace
Q1~Q4 Hannstar's Fab in Tainan、Kaohsiung advance GHS system
Q1~Q4 Bureau Environmental Protection Tainan County awards environmental control excellent companies on 2008 years.
January Hannstar received ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 annual qualification.
Hanns. G in Kaohsiung received ISO14001 & OHSAS18001qualification.
May Hannstar's Fab 3 in Tainan participated in Tainan County Government's  emergency response rehearsal for toxic gas leak accident.
Q1~Q4 Hannstar's Fab3 in Tainan advance Job safety analysis project.
Hannstar confirm equipment safety device.
Hannstar Fab in Yangmei、Tainan、Kaohsiung collect data about Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) for setting up database.
February Hannstar's Fab3 in Tainan Received ISO 14001 &OHSAS 18001 management systems integration with certification
June Following Taoyuan County Government Environmental Protection Bureau's request, Hannstar's Fab1&2 in Yangmei stared reducing VOC plan.
May North the coordinate fatigue commission examines handles lifts heavy objects hangs the operational security to observe and emulate the meeting. (Yangmei site)
October Coordinates the Tainan county government/south branch administrative bureau to carry out 94-year toxic chemical substance disaster strain exercise. (Tainan site)
November Obtains the Ministry of Economic Affairs to issue saves "the energy to twist the superior manufacturer" award item. (Yangmei site)
Obtains the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industry Bureau to issue "the clean protection" the fine manufacturer award item.
March OHSAS 18001 International Health and Safety Management System Certificate.  (Yangmei & Kaohsiung sites)
Q3 SARS raids Taiwan, starts the guard measure urgently and crossed safely. (Yangmei & Tannan & Kaohsiung sites)
October Rated "Excellent" by the Bureau of Environment Protection. (Yangmei site)
October ISO 14001 International Environment Management System Certified. (Yangmei site)

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