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Labor and Ethic Policy

HannStar is committed to complying with national labor acts and regulations, international recognized labor ethics, and health and safety and environmental standards, as well as other applicable international conventions and related laws and regulations, and continuously improve working conditions and labor benefits. HannStar requires all workers to implement good labor and ethical policies include the scope of their business and extend this requirement to suppliers and contractors.

Our Commitment,
  1. Do not force labor work or limit workers’ freedom. Boned, indentured or involuntary labor shall not be used.
  2. Child labor is unacceptable.
  3. Young workers shall be protect with all laws and regulations.
  4. Comply with all applicable acts and regulations include working hours, wage and benefits.
  5. Respect labors’ human rights of all workers and treat them humanely.
  6. Provide equal and fair working environment and forbid any kind of discrimination.
  7. Respect the right of all labors freedom of association, to bargain collectively and to engage in peaceful assembly.
  1. Comply with the requirements of honesty and integrity in business.
  2. All labors do not offer or accept any form of improper advantage.
  3. Disclosed of company information with applicable regulations as well as ensure the consistency and correctness of the information.
  4. Intellectual property rights are to be respected; company, customer and supplier information are to be protected.
  5. Comply with fair business, advertising and competition standards to participate in market competition.
  6. To assure whistleblower identity is confidentiality and anonymous, he/she will not be at risk of suffering any form of reprisal or retaliation.
  7. Do not use metals containing conflict minerals.
  8. Protecting suppliers’, customers’, consumers’ and employees’ personal information and privacy.

HannStar’s Goal of RBA Annual Key Performance

Item Content Goal Result
Human Right In order to achieve goals of humane working conditions and workers treatment equality, HanStar has already enacted the relevant and effective policies and process. New employees’ orientation training and direct labor employees (including foreign workers) and indirect labor employees to finish RBA education and training course. 100% of employees finished RBA education and training course.
Freely Chosen Employment Enacted the relevant and effective policies and process, to ensure not to hire any type of forced or bonded labor or involuntary or exploitative prison labor or trafficked or slave labor. To build friendly workplace and respect human right and forbid any type of discrimination behaviors. No forced or exploitative labor events.
Working Hours Comply with working hours no more than 60 hours per week. Comply with international law and labor working hours act. To keep employees’ work and life balance and maintain good labor and employment relationship. Comply with law compliance and keeping improvement working conditions and labor benefits.
Supply Chain Responsibility Assess suppliers committee to undertake relevant social responsibilities including labor and moral, health and safety, environment standards, other international conventions and relevant laws during supplier provide products and services. 90% HannStar’s labor and ethics supplier commitment was taken back from suppliers. 91% HannStar’s labor and ethics supplier commitment was taken back.
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