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Management Training:
  We provide management skill courses for all management levels. We also have courses of general management for staffs.

Professional Training:
  We invite different professionals from different units to conduct courses in different disciplines such as production, quality assurance, marketing, human resources, research & development, finance, information technology, legal, environment management and safety, purchasing, auditing…etc.

New Staff Orientation:
  During the first month of commencement, the new staff will learn complete information about the profession and orientation training courses.

Trainer Training:
  We strive to train our staffs to be excellent internal trainers through the “Internal Lecturer Training Plan”. This will strengthen the professional knowledge and coaching skills of our employees. Moreover, integrating internal experience with real case-studies will enhance the training effect in the company. The Training Department will also provide invited trainers with formal invitation letters, arrange training hours and evaluation, issue awards for HannStar trainers, and conduct performance assessment for better learning.


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