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Internal Training
  Follow the demands of company’s explicit training, then invite the internal or external lecturers to teach the required courses.
External Training
  Staffs may be recommended for external domestic or overseas training programs to enrich their learning scopes.
  An online real-time system frees you from time or space restrictions, tailored for your own interests or for a core requirement.
Qualification System
  You may monitor you’re learning performance and standing by taking study questions provided by your lecturer.
Language Learning Support
  We provide Language courses of English and Japanese to help employees improve their working effectiveness in the trend of globalization. We also encourage employees to take English and Japanese courses out-of-site by offering financial support.
  Through the online library system, employees can use the following functions for gaining new knowledge: search, borrow, browse different technical or industrial articles, books, newspaper, periodicals, discussion/dissertations, training materials, video tapes, VCDs, CDs, and articles from cooperating third-party libraries…exc.

          Construct Integrated Development Mechanism               Provide Diversified Learning Channels


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