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Core Value

 Execution, integrity, innovation, customer-orientation, and teamwork are our core values.
Our definition of execution is accomplishing an assignment according to required quantity and quality. Based on changing realities, we demand everyone in HannStar to watch, inquire, reply, and respond with discipline to the performances being made and to constantly work to improve them.
Integrity is not to over promise but to keep promises already made. To fulfill our promises, we require our employees to face problems and, with flexibility, make necessary adjustments. We also require our workers to behave with high moral standards, both inside and outside of HannStar.
Innovation is bringing efficient processes and better solutions to our works as well as bringing better designs and qualities of life at reasonable costs to the world. We encourage innovation by respecting diversified opinions and by supporting continuous challenges on existing operational models in order to cultivate innovative thinking. We expect excellence by reinforcing integration of various capabilities of our talents in different fields so that we might carry out effective actions and get better results.
Customer-orientation is obtaining and analyzing valuable information of customer needs in order to provide satisfactory services. We strive to build mutual trust with our external and internal customers in order to work out win-win solutions which create benefits to all parties involved.
Finally, we value and emphasize teamwork in HannStar, as we consider each employee an essential asset to the success of HannStar, no matter what his/her position is. We need team members to establish and achieve obtainable objectives with enthusiasm and goodwill. We also believe it is critical to inspire our teams by sharing responsibilities and by offering fair returns in relation to their contributions.


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